Real-time tracking and monitoring solutions with Bluetooth gateway and enhanced location services for powered assets


Mobilogix MT4x00 series is a family of tracking and monitoring solutions providing remote access capabilities in a robust industrial design. Pair a MT4x00 series tracker with Fusion IoT and enable a fully integrated end to end solution for track, trace and recovery of assets as well as low power Bluetooth beacon sensor data aggregation.

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    Small and Powerful

    The MT4x00 family enables track and trace workflows with installs as simple as 2 wires. With an on-board antenna and IMU, the MT4x00 is ready to go out of the box for powered asset traceability.

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    Configurable & Real Time

    As an always on tracker with multiple power source options, the MT4x00 family of devices can provide highly granular tracking with configurable location reporting intervals.

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    Grows With Your Needs

    Add one or more BTM250 beacons to your solution to monitor multiple assets or zones while the MT4x00 acts as a gateway. With gateway mode enabled, all data recorded at each BTM250 will be available in reports with the Fusion IoT cloud platform via the MT4x00 cellular backhaul.

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    With multiple I/O configurations the MT4x00 family can meet various needs including: Ignition relay, starter disable, temperature probes, door monitor, emergency button and other general I/O needs.

Technical Specifications

Modem Quectel® EC21
Antenna Internal
Cellular Service LTE (Cat1), Regional Variant
2G GPRS, Quad Band
3G HSPA Global
GNSS GPS, Glonass
Modem Quectel® BG96
Antenna Internal
Cellular Service LTE (CatM1, NB1), Global
2G GPRS, Quad Band
GNSS GPS, Glonass

Please download the datasheet for full Technical Specifications