Track mobile assets in real-time with MT2000

MT 2000

The MT2000 was designed to track, monitor and manage powered assets such as scooters, motorcycles and other small mobile assets given its dimensions and power consumption characteristics. With the Mobilogix MT2000 you will have a much better understanding of the location and status of your mobile assets in real-time.

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    Unique and Powerful

    The MT2000 provides you with pinpoint data regarding your assets’ real-time location and immediately notifies you if your asset is moved, tampered with, or crosses a geofence.

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    Clear and Consistent

    The MT2000 clearly and consistently transmits exact asset data to Fusion, thereby enabling quick, easy, and informed decision making.

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    Quick and Easy-to-Use

    Being a "power-and-go" device all that is required for installation is to connect to a 12V battery or equivalent DC power supply. All connectivity, service, setup, and management are easily done via Fusion.

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    The MT2000 is easily installed across a multitude of industries and applications, including scooters, motorcycles and other, even smaller, assets given its dimensions and power consumption characteristics.

For Technical Specs Please Download The MT2000 Data Sheet