BTM250 Series

A sensor-rich beacon device with embedded Bluetooth 5 in an IP67 enclosure.

BTM250B, BTM25E, BTM250T
BTM250E Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Monitoring
BTM250T Temperature Monitoring Only
BTM250B Beacon Only

The BTM250 Series are sensor-rich beacon devices with embedded Bluetooth in an IP67 enclosure.  It is an ideal pairing to use with Mobilogix cellular solutions to connect assets in Supply Chain, Cold Chain and Industrial use cases. The BTM250 Series leverages Bluetooth 5 technology providing extended range, double the speed, higher density advertising and improved battery life for enhanced operations in existing applications and enabling new solutions.

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    Peripheral Asset Tagging

    The BTM250 Series can be utilized with any Bluetooth Gateway device (MT Series or BAT) to tag any peripheral asset and aggregate environmental data.  As part of the Mobilogix full tier end-to-end solution, the BTM250 Series will closely monitor and create actionable data for tagged assets.

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    Enhanced Location

    Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 5 technology with RSSI positioning, BTM250 Series further enhances indoor location services when paired with a gateway device. In conjunction with the FusionIoT™ cloud platform on the back end, BTM250 enables indoor tracking. On the front end this provides an intuitive real-time indoor location tracking solution with the ability to import indoor blueprints.

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    Discreet and Durable

    The BTM250 Series conforms to IP67 standards, able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, all in a tiny package. Having an isolated sensor measurement chamber with a environmental membrane, BTM250 Series ensures the most accurate measurements. For secure semi-permanent placement in discrete locations mounting ears are included. In addition, a NIST compliant version is offered for Pharmaceutical and food services industries where accuracy is required.

For Technical Specifications Please Download The BTM250 Data Sheet

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