Smart tracking and monitoring solution that easily tracks assets inside AND out, and back again


The BAT-M1 was specifically designed and engineered to help enterprises meet today’s rigorous, environmental-rules-compliant delivery requirements across the supply chain. It’s ability to never lose sight of its target, inside and out, is unique to Mobilogix and ensures that your assets remain where they belong, all the time!

Its flexible design, in conjunction with its ability to easily connect to other Mobilogix asset tracking solutions, allows it to be used as an indoor/outdoor tracker, a beacon or a powered gateway device, collecting data from low-power devices.

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    Indoors and Outdoors

    Combined with the Mobilogix BTM-150-B beacon sensor, the BAT-M1 is easily and reliably able to track assets moving from indoors to outdoors and back again without losing its signal and subsequent asset data transmissions.

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    Clear and Consistent

    The BAT-M1clearly and consistently transmits exact asset data to Fusion, thereby enabling quick, easy, and informed decision making

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    Long Battery Life

    Being a beacon or a powered gateway device, the BAT-M1’s low-power, 3-9-month battery life makes it the optimum device for Construction, Supply Chain, and Industrial applications.

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications
Modem Quectel® BG96, Qualcomm® MDM9206
Operating Temp -40°C to +85°C
Battery Range Limitation Temp -10°C to +60°C
Security Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment, Crypto Engine, Secure Boot
BT Details Bluetooth 5LE with M4 Core
RoHS2 EU directive
Rechargeable battery
Up to 1-year battery life on a single charge
Micro-USB charging port
Battery Size: 1800 mAh
Low-profile design
Humidity vents
Ambient light window
LED indicators: power, network and GPS
Plastic High impact ABS (UL94-HB)
Color/Finish Black/Textured
Dimensions L; 120 W : 55 H: 17 (mm)
Certifications FCC/ISED and Verizon
Device & Parts 1 year