Custom IoT Solutions for Your Business

Our Service Philosophy

Seamless integration between form and function is critical to the success of a connected device. The services required to deploy and operate a successful Internet of Things (IoT) connected device – from idea to outcome – play as critical a role as the hardware that connects it. In great California tradition we have pulled together a group of experts from an array of disciplines who bring their skills to the design process, but that’s just the start of the story.

Our team is passionate about the connected future, and active users of a variety of devices as well. This common-sense merger of expertise and hands-on experience brings a unique focus on user empathy. We strive to make not only the most interesting and unique devices, but make them the most usable as well.

We measure a successful device deployment not just by the utility of the device, but by our ability to visualize and deliver a successful ecosystem to support that device, adding tangible value to the end user. Context, connection, and contribution surface this value and make it so that our devices truly enrich people’s lives – your life.