Powerful hardware platforms work with our middleware and apps to enable complete IoT solutions with your brand and performing to your requirements

More than products – hardware platforms to build solutions from

As you set out to connect new or existing products to the IoT and to Apps, or to connect remote assets so that they feed business processes in real time, you find that there is a basic set of functions that always needs to be there. Our product families are conceived so that each contains a strategically formulated combination of functionalities, making each an optimal platform to build your solutions from.

To establish what works for you, we start with a 360 degree needs assessment and determine from the results, the shortest path to a solution which normally entails the selection of one of our products augmented or not by additional functionality that is custom added for your project. Additionally, some of our products are designed so that many of the typical extras are already designed into them but not mounted. If these are needed, the board is populated with additional components during manufacturing and the firmware adjusted thusly.

Let us formulate a product solution for you.