Wireless Data Plans

Your connected things require wireless data subscriptions and a platform from where to manage the tens, hundreds or millions of devices. Mobilogix offers flexible customized domestic and international data plans. With flexible pricing options and the ability to share usage across plans, it’s simple to collect and monitor data between your office-based systems and remote devices and applications.

In the Internet of Things, nothing is more important than the breadth, depth, and reach of you’re the networks covering your deployments. Remotely deploy, connect, and manage your assets from end-to-end. Supported by our powerful global network, Mobilogix Global SIM provides worldwide, end-to-end connectivity for large-scale multi-national operations.

Provisioning hundreds or thousands of IoT devices worldwide is a complicated task. To simplify your deployment process, we designed the Mobilogix Fusion Platform. With it, you have a one-stop solution for network provisioning, device activation, customer support, billing management, performance audits, and more.