Product Certification

If your asset will use cellular communication, it will require testing and certification by accredited laboratories before they can be deployed or even provisioned by operators to register on their networks. Certifications can quickly and easily become the highest cost items in connected asset projects.

Because they operate in government-licensed bands of the RF spectrum, electronic devices using cellular technology must comply with strict radio operation rules specified by government regulators and network operators. Depending on where you want to deploy your assets, you will need to get more or less different types of certifications, but always at least a few. Getting through these, requires a strategy including pre-testing to surface potential issues. Given the high costs and long lead times to book lab times, you will want to make sure you get through certification testing the first time. Our certification services will save you time and money no matter where in the world you plan to deploy your assets. We will determine the certifications needed, devise and execute a plan to get you through GCF CE, IC, PTCRB, and/or FCC certifications and of course any mobile network approval as required.

Mobilogix hardware platforms are pre-certified for most markets and significantly shorten total asset certification time and therefore costs.