Product Highlights

The Generation 2 Asset Tracker is a real-time monitoring and tracking system with embedded GPS and cellular functionalities designed to secure motorcycles and other assets. The system provides users with real-time location and notification alerting if the tracked asset is moved, tampered with, or crosses a geofence. The product includes access to a user friendly mobile application designed to simplify the process of setting up, monitoring and managing the asset.

The power-and-go Asset Tracker is designed to be easily installed even in small assets, given its dimensions and power consumption characteristics. All that is required for installation is connection to a 12V battery or equivalent DC power supply. Cellular connectivity, service setup and management are configurable via the Mobilogix Fusion Management Platform.

Key Features

• Real-Time Location
• Continuous Tracking
• Starter Disable
• Speed Monitoring and Notification
• Tamper Notification
• Motion Monitoring and Notification
• Low Battery Monitoring and Notification
• 24/7 Notifications (Email & SMS)
• Regional or Global Wireless Data Service
• Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates
• Quick Install (less than 10 minutes)
• Low Profile

Technical Specifications

Model & Key Components
Model      XCWS-D02
Cellular Baseband                       MT2503
Core          ARM7
Technology            2G
Bands         850/900/1800/1900
Location                                        GPS/GNSS
Accelerometer                             BMA250 MEMS

Supply                                            9 – 26 VDC
Operating                                <40mA
Standby                                   <2mA
Internal Battery                            450mAh

Plastic                  High impact ABS (UL94-HB)
Dimensions 15.1 x 38 x 70 mm

Power                   Battery 12 V
Ground        Battery Ground
Key Sense   12 V input
Auxiliay        Starter Disable

Device & Parts                                        1 year

Product Data Sheet

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