Consulting/Product Concept

With lots of companies just now starting to explore how they and their customers can benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, they need assistance and guidance. We provide consulting services to help you apply IoT solutions to drive business value, ultimately allowing you to reap business benefits from being IoT innovators.

To provide you this service we leverage more than 50 years of collective experience in hardware, firmware, software design and manufacturing. Mobilogix is the creative partner business leaders need to build out new service offerings and improve efficiencies using IoT technology.

Business drivers of the IoT:

  • Accelerate pace of innovation
  • Satisfy customer demand for new ways of interacting
  • Automate business processes

Top business benefits of the IoT:

  • Operational efficiency – asset utilization, supply chain, employee productivity
  • Customer service – customer experience
  • Collaboration within the company – innovation, employee productivity

The IoT is raising the stakes and surfacing new opportunities. That makes it essential that you adopt a strategic approach for maximizing the value of the digital and connected enterprise.

To capture maximum value from IoT, you must focus on the capabilities that will benefit your industry the most – like:

  • In manufacturing: real-time, multidimensional data analysis; integrated video collaboration; remote tracking of physical assets; intelligent robots
  • In energy firms: integration of sensor data; predictive analytics
  • For retailers: predictive analytics and data visualization; BYOD and interacting with customers using rich media; mobile payments and remote customer monitoring