Easy to configure CAT-M1 NB-IoT terminal device with 2G fallback and global connectivity


The DT-M1 is a CAT-M1 NB-IoT terminal device engineered for global connectivity.  In addition to 4G, the DT-M1 provides 2G fallback.  The device comes equipped with embedded GNSS global, multi-constellation satellite positioning functionality. The DT-M1 supports configuration, control and monitoring global assets over AT commands and GNSS.

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    Quick, Easy, and Seamless

    The Mobilogix DT-M1 is quick and easy to deploy. The plug-and-play nature of the device creates a seamless experience that fosters improved business processes and a faster path to profitability.

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    Technologically Advanced

    Capitalizing on 4G technology, the DT-M1 also provides 2G fallback connectivity and embedded GNSS global, multi-constellation satellite positioning functionality, which results in faster and more reliable product function, data optimization, and increased profits.

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    Global and Agnostic

    Because of the robust and flexible nature of the DT-M1's technological capabilities, the device is ideal for use around the world. Additionally, the device is even more exceptional because it is vertical industry and application agnostic.

For Technical Specs Please Download The DT-M1 Data Sheet