Mobilogix India IoT Products

Innovative IoT Products Engineered to Outperform

Mobilogix India IoT Products for Asset Tracking and Monitoring are optimized for 2G Network connectivity

Businesses operating in Supply Chain, Cold Chain, and Vehicle Tracking all require actionable real-time data in order to maximize efficiency, productivity, and make informed decisions that impact business performance.

From IoT capabilities like real-time data from sensors across your cold chain, to instant visibility on our FusionIoT™ Cloud Platform, Mobilogix feature-rich IoT Solutions are engineered to outperform.

See below for a list of products optimized for the India Market.  Taken separately or combined in an end-to-end solution, these powerful devices and platform are easy to deploy and scale.

All MOBILOGIX Innovative IoT Products are available to be White Labeled

Mobilogix FusionIoT™ Platform

FusionIoT™ Platform

Optimize your assets and maximize the use of your data with FusionIoT™ + Connectivity when paired with Mobilogix end-to-end cellular IoT solutions.

MT2000 and MT2000-C

The Mobilogix MT2000 is our basic Moto Tracker Device; the MT2000-C is a basic Cooler Tracker.  Both are ready out of the box with embedded GPS and cellular functionalities.

Mobilogix MT2000 Innovative IoT Product
MT4x00 Series Asset Trackers

MT2100 and MT2600

The Mobilogix MT2100 is our basic EV Tracker for 2- and 3-Wheelers; the MT2600 adds BLE Gateway functionality.  Both devices are full-featured with embedded GPS and multiple I/O.

BTM250 Series

The BTM250 is the ideal pairing to use with Mobilogix cellular IoT solutions to connect assets in Cold Chain, Supply Chain and other use cases where low cost scalability is key.