Micromobility and E-Bike Tracking

The ubiquity of E-scooters and dock-less bicycles in cities across the globe indicate strong demand for single-occupant vehicles. Micromobility and E-Bike Tracking solutions from Mobilogix are optimized to provide real-time location and condition data for mobile assets at scale.

Mobilogix Micromobility & E-Bike Tracking Solutions


Mobilogix Micromobility IoT Tracking solutions are discrete, durable and easy to deploy so you can put your assets to work quickly and confidently.


Mobilogix Micromobility IoT Tracking solutions enable you to locate and monitor assets anywhere in the world with the FusionIoT™ Platform and global connectivity all provided by Mobilogix.

FusionIoT™ Platform
Mobilogix Micromobility & E-Bike Tracking Solutions


Mobilogix Micromobility IoT Tracking solutions come with a core set of functionalities that are easily customized to best suit your specific application or use case.

Why Work With Mobilogix For Mobile Asset Tracking?

  • Mobilogix Micromobility & E-Bike Tracking Solutions

    Industry-Best Tracking Capabilities

    Gain granular insight into asset location, usage, and operating condition to optimize resource allocation and maximize ROI.

  • Mobilogix Micromobility & E-Bike Tracking Solutions

    The Best Possible Data

    Mobilogix Micromobility solutions deliver precise data essential to decision making in a complex distributed asset environment. 

  • Mobilogix Micromobility & E-Bike Tracking Solutions

    Flexible Platform

    Mobilogix FusionIoT™ makes it easy to set, monitor and adjust location, usage and performance thresholds; in the office or on the go.

  • Motorcycle Cart Utility Tracking

    Unlimited Assets and Users

    Mobilogix Micromobility solutions are engineered to scale with your business, allowing you to securely track an unlimited number of assets.

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    Protect Against Theft

    Mitigate risk of loss due to theft, damage and neglect with enhanced real-time data capture and Track-Trace-Recovery performance.

  • Custom End-to-End IoT Solutions

    Save Time And Money

    Cost-optimized remote asset monitoring and management means human capital can be directed to revenue generating activity.

  • Custom End-to-End IoT Solutions

    On-Demand Access

    All of your data and assets are available to be viewed and utilized on any device, anywhere, anytime you need it.

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    Custom Reports

    FusionIoT™ lets you prepare and communicate critical real time data with a high level of granularity in a format that is easy to navigate.

  • Why White Label With Mobilogix?

    Industry-Leading Customer Support

    24/7 access to experienced technical support team that understand our products and the unique requirements of mobile asset tracking.

Mobilogix is the first choice of industry leaders seeking to enable their businesses in the Internet of Things, since 2011.

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