Healthy Businesses Work with Mobilogix

Mobilogix understands that when it comes to asset tracking, monitoring, and management, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges.  Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare outlets have a staggering number of devices, equipment, and other medical assets to track, monitor, and manage.


For every physician, technician, and aide, there is an enormous number of tools and devices that help them offer and deliver the best possible care to their patients.  The Mobilogix’ hardware and software suite is the ideal solution for healthcare providers and professionals seeking to best track, monitor, and manage assets across the healthcare industry.  Our products ensure that your assets are where they are supposed to be, providing the optimized data you need when you need it to help you improve the lives of your patients.

All Mobilogix products come with a core set of functionalities that are easily customized to best suit your specific project or need.  No matter your healthcare application or project scope, Mobilogix will create and customize an affordable, easy-to-deploy, unique, and high-quality solution for you. 


Why Work With Mobilogix for Your Healthcare Asset Needs?

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    Optimized Data

    Based on the premise that precise data drives the best possible decision making and, as a result, creates more successful businesses; Fusion, the Mobilogix cloud software platform, enables the best possible management of those assets by constantly, consistently, and factually gathering, aggregating, and clearly displaying pinpoint data.  

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    Flexible Platform

    Mobilogix’ software platform, Fusion, is easily configurable so you can tailor to your specific needs and adjust as those needs change. Whether it is temperature, fluid levels, location, or another sensed healthcare statistic, Fusion will exceed your needs and adjust as your needs evolve.

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    Work Smarter

    In Healthcare, anything valuable is an asset, whether it be tools, tablets, medications, time, or even employees. When you have quick easy access to information (optimized data), you can best streamline the way you and your organization work.

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    Save Time And Money

    With Fusion, combined with Mobilogix’ tracking and monitoring solutions, all your data is integrated into the platform, replacing outdated processes and the need for spreadsheets until you need or want to export data back out to Excel or another program.

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    Unlimited Assets and Users

    Fusion can securely track an unlimited number of assets and you can allow as many users as you need to access your comprehensive and optimized data.

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    On-Demand Access

    All of your data and assets are available to be viewed and utilized on any device, anywhere, anytime you need it.

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    Custom Reports

    Fusion lets you prepare reports the way you want to see and share them – organized by date, category, location, and any other statistic or field you choose. Communicate the information you want to communicate to the audience you want to communicate with when you need to do so.

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    Industry-Leading Customer Support

    24/7 access to the world’s best customer support team comprised of experts that understand our products and the needs of the Healthcare industry.

With the industry’s best technology and solution suite, it’s easy to see why some of the world’s most successful Healthcare companies choose Mobilogix.

Contact Us Today to find out how we will work with you to create a custom and unique asset tracking and monitoring solution for your Healthcare business to help optimize your operations, as well as your ongoing and changing patient needs.