Build a stronger construction business with Mobilogix

The construction industry is no longer just about hammers, nails, and hardhats.  Today’s construction sites are constantly moving and changing mazes of trucks, trailers, tools, and expensive storage equipment and containers.  Not-too-mention all the men, women, contractors, and deliveries that move in, out, and across construction sites each and every day – all of which need to be tracked, monitored, and managed!


While construction asset management is crucial, it can be tricky. Mobilogix is on the technological forefront of managing these types of assets. We keep track of tools and equipment of all shapes and sizes on construction sites and will help keep your business running smoothly.

Asset tracking on construction sites with Mobilogix also helps prevent theft and loss of equipment.  We ensure that the right assets are in the right place to help ensure the smooth running and completion of your projects.  The Mobilogix solution suite provides accurate tool and equipment locations, while also, and just as importantly, helping to prevent equipment malfunction by monitoring fluid levels and maintenance needs and, therefore, repair schedules.


All Mobilogix products come with a core set of functionalities that are easily customized to best suit your specific project or need.  No matter your construction application or project scope, Mobilogix will create and customize an affordable, easy-to-deploy, unique, and high-quality solution for you. 

Why Work With Mobilogix for Your Construction Asset Needs?

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    Easily Track Shipments and Asset Movement

    One of the biggest benefits of working with a solution from Mobilogix involves the huge increase in visibility that can be achieved across shipping, receiving, and transportation processes. You will know exactly where all your assets are across your construction site and supply chain at all times.

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    Theft prevention

    Theft is a constant risk in the construction industry. In the U.S., statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau indicate that up to $1B worth of equipment and tools are stolen each year. A study by insurers Allianz Cornhill suggests that theft costs the UK construction industry around £800m a year. According to the Kroll Global Fraud Report, over a third of construction, engineering and infrastructure companies worldwide experience theft of physical and stock assets over the course of every 12 months.

    Relatively small tools and equipment are often targeted as they are more mobile and can be easier to steal. But larger assets are certainly not immune, however, and the Allianz Cornhill report found that more than $890M of construction plant equipment, including excavators, compressors and even cranes, are stolen annually in the U.S.

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    Peace-Of-Mind And Increased Production

    Mobilogix creates an overall sense of peace-of-mind by enabling you to always know where your important and valuable assets are. This will help reduce the emotional stress that occurs when assets are out of place or stolen. The reduction of stress enables users of Mobilogix solutions to better focus on their core competencies, therefore increasing their production and positively impacting the bottom line of their organizations. 

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    Industry-Leading Customer Support

    24/7 access to the world’s best customer support team comprised of experts that understand our products and the needs of the construction industry.

With the industry’s best technology and solution suite, it’s easy to see why some of the world’s most successful Construction companies choose Mobilogix.

Contact Us Today to find out how we will work with you to create a custom and unique Construction asset tracking and monitoring solution to help optimize your business, as well as your on-site asset management needs.