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Mobilogix Supply Chain Solutions provide total visibility and control of your critical assets

Today's Supply Chain industry has an even greater need for a truly functional solution that can reliably track, monitor, and manage high value assets given the current environment.


Everything, at one time or another, goes through the supply chain. Keeping track of equipment or assets stored in a facility or in transit is critical to meeting production deadlines.

Whether your organization services the supply chain or depends on it, your need for the most accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-effective asset management solution is of the utmost importance.


Mobilogix will create a scalable, State of the Art Supply Chain solution that is reliable, cost-optimized, easy to deploy and tailored to meet the needs of your specific use case.

Why Choose A Mobilogix Supply Chain Solution?

  • Tracking Solution

    State of the Art Asset Tracking

    Whether assets are indoor or outdoor, stationary or in motion, Mobilogix solutions are engineered to keep you connected to what is important with precision and control.

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    Transforming Data

    Mobilogix Hardware and FusionIoT™ Cloud Technologies enable multiple tiers of input collection from abundant data sources, then transform data into actionable information to best drive decision making.

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    Adaptive Platform

    User Experience is at the center of every web solution created by Mobilogix. The Mobilogix team is always open to advise, adopt, or cater our web and mobile applications as needed to match our partner’s needs.

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    Expansive Flexibility

    Mobilogix core competency continues to be enabling our partners to expand their capabilities with smart, scalable solutions designed to best fit growth as their business needs evolve over time.

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    Tailored Reporting

    Mobilogix device architecture is adaptive to best match any desired use case. The FusionIoT™ Cloud Platform utilizes the latest web technologies to present the most accurate visual representation of your organization’s assets throughout the supply chain; from assigning alarms based on defined threshold violations to generating document reports as a deliverable.

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    Exceptional Customer Support

    Responsive support from a team of technical professionals with years of experience optimizing Supply Chain solutions to create efficiency and prevent costs resulting from damaged, lost, or stolen assets.

With the best set of solutions and technologies in the industry, it's easy to see why some of the world's most successful supply chain companies choose Mobilogix.

Contact us! to find out how we will work with you to create a customized and unique asset tracking and monitoring solution for your supply chain businesses that will help optimize your operations, as well as your asset management needs in transit.