For Mobilogix - Customer Satisfaction is Number One!

At Mobilogix, our customers are our most valued asset. And because of this and the fact that all of our solutions are all custom-built, we partner and work very closely with each-and-every customer to ensure that each individual project is completed easily, on time, and within budget. It is because of this level of communication and customer commitment that we consistently deliver the most innovative data optimizing solutions.

There is a growing list of many of the world’s leading companies that have entrusted Mobilogix to design, develop, and help deploy the best asset tracking, monitoring, and management solutions to solve the toughest business challenges.

We are more than honored to work with our customers to accelerate their growth through the delivery of fully optimized data that results in better decision making that leads to increased revenues and decreased costs, while also improving their lives and the lives of their customers.



Enterprise, the largest car rental company in the world, engaged in partnership with Mobilogix, the world’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions, to tailor and implement Mobilogix’ patented rental, car-share product suite to improve the management, operations, and maintenance of Enterprise’s car-share, after hours, and rental fleets.

AB InBev

AB InBev, the world’s largest multinational beverage and brewing company partnered with Mobilogix, the world’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions, to develop and deploy an IoT solution to better manage AB InBev’s large inventory of assets such as beverage coolers, bar taps, storage racks, beverage displays, etc. located remotely.



The company’s entry into the market was quick and successful, but so was the increase in the multiple and unforeseen challenges they came to face. As much as riders preferred this exciting mode of transport, they rarely took responsibility for the scooter’s safety, pick- drop, parking, etc. As a result, several of the company’s electronics scooters were strewn across the street with no accountability to the rider.