Everything about Mobilogix

Founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, California, Mobilogix (MBX) is a systems integrator in the technology convergence space of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M). Our mission is to deliver business value through innovative uses of technology which simplify communications in the daily lives of people and companies globally. We leverage our core telemetry, web and mobile platforms to create intelligent solutions that connect people to machines, resulting in enhanced process efficiency, reduction in errors, improvements in services to others, and dissemination of decision-making information.

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  • Mathi Gurusamy
    Mathi Gurusamy President/CEO
  • James Jefferies
    James Jefferies Founder/President - APAC
  • Elsa Chu
    Elsa Chu Corporate Financial Controller
  • Rod DeMay
    Rod DeMay VP - Global R&D
  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams VP - Sales & Business Development
  • Ramy Mourad
    Ramy Mourad Director of Systems Engineering
  • Steven Jiang
    Steven Jiang General Manager - China
  • Sandor Peter
    Sandor Peter VP - Global Purchasing
  • Ivan Wong
    Ivan Wong Logistics Director
  • Murali Rajagopalan
    Murali Rajagopalan Managing Director/President - India
  • Revanth Tondapu
    Revanth Tondapu VP - IoT Cloud Platform
  • Mayur Tanna
    Mayur Tanna VP of Sales - India

“As much as I love to ignore hype, I do believe in the massive disruptive power of the IoT. Furthermore, I am certain that the connected-world movement propelled by the IoT is the most radical enabler of business disruption… ever.”


Mobilogix consults, proposes, designs and manufactures IoT/M2M solutions which it delivers fully branded to strategic partners in the industrial, automotive, services and medical sectors. Our branded strategy significantly improves ROI, reduces risk and accelerates time-to-market by capitalizing on our partners’ established distribution channels, brand power, sales force, advertising and marketing machines. Mobilogix develops solutions from a set of hardware, middleware and app platforms created in a flexible architecture from where we can customize low-cost, wireless monitoring and systems control solutions to address existing business needs across the range of industries we serve.