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As with the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an outgrowth of IT. And just like it, the IoT will eventually be fully embedded in every sector, industry or segment. Just as today no company, would consider existing without at least the very basic IT and Internet resources, no matter how small, so will it become for the IoT in a few years. But, it is not there yet. Today, even though every corner of the economic landscape is looking at the IoT, the concept is still a bit too abstract and complex, lacking real-life use cases in a good number of verticals; and particularly lacking very large scale applications pretty much anywhere, which scares potential adopters even more.

Here at Mobilogix, we understand the stage of maturity the IoT is in. That is why we created this information area to provide a framework for you to identify with the verticals we have done substantial work with to help guide you through some of the basics to get you started formulating your questions and shaping your ideas to embark or expand the scope of your IoT journey.

Of course we want to hear from you irrespective of whether or not you see your vertical listed here. Just reach out to us.

Asset Tracking & Remote Management

In a typical asset tracking and remote management system, a wireless transceiver equipped (or not) with a positioning device can, at all times, send the head office information such as operating status, environmental conditions, and location of the asset. When assets both fixed and mobile are part of your business, it becomes imperative that you know where they are and how they are being stored and/or operated. Knowing precisely where they are and their condition allows you to take action to ensure they are secure and/or adequately utilized, resulting in big improvement to your bottom-line.

Overt threats of theft, deliberate damage or vandalism are material issues depending on the location and purpose of the asset. Preventing asset theft and/or damage is fundamental to the success of any business. Asset tracking systems are very successful deterrents of theft and vandalism and mitigate issues like replacement costs and business disruption

Businesses lose money and opportunity with issues like dispatcher error, misrouting, driver error and misplacement of equipment at a remote location. These can have adverse effects to a company’s business and are dramatically reduced with a well-designed asset tracking system.

Improving utilization of company’s assets by tracking them and scheduling the return of assets promptly for re-fills improve the effectiveness of those assets, maximizing returns while decreasing capital expenditure.

We have designed, manufactured and fielded a large set of asset tracking solutions for assets ranging from coolers to kegs and others, employing technologies including Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee and Cellular.

Predictive Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics boost your business’ ability to deliver quality data from remote connected assets to your central monitoring application. By automating repair, service scheduling as well as remote troubleshooting you can improved business performance and customer satisfaction.

Well-conceived and executed predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics systems can minimize downtime for equipment, virtually eliminating unexpected service outages from your business assets.

We have successfully implemented a wide variety of solutions for predictive and remote maintenance and diagnostics management.

Food & Beverage

The food & beverage segment is an avid user of IoT solutions. We have designed and deployed innovative concepts that not only connect equipment such as coolers and kegs but implement fully integrated hybrid solutions that are cost effective and game changing for suppliers and service providers. Our projects in this segment have ranged from simple straight-forward solutions base Bluetooth Low Energy to nationwide deployment of beverage coolers equipped with BTM series products for a global beverage brand. In our leading project, the concept enabled the customer to connect coolers to the tablet/smart phone of regional sales personnel via a mobile application. With deployment competed, the customer could among other benefits, ensure that each cooler was located in its place of deployment.

Another, more advanced solution employs a combination of cellular and Bluetooth. This concept keeps a series of coolers connected via Bluetooth to a master gateway node/access point that in turn is connected via cellular technology to the cloud. This keeps the costs of the recurring monthly wireless data plans low while at the same time giving customers the ability to connect to all valuable assets that generate income.

Beer kegs are another asset that beer companies use in massive quantities. They are scattered around the globe typically deployed from a warehouse to a truck, in transit to or from a bar or restaurant. Effective delivery and return/refill logistics for these kegs are instrumental in improving asset utilization. An advanced Keg management system also envisions the use of data analytics engines to derive from consumption patterns reports and dashboards allowing the supplier to more accurately predict and plan deliveries of the proper mix of beer types consumed to each individual bar or restaurant. We have developed and deployed a number of the systems described above, including a system that tracks kegs via a combination of Bluetooth and cellular.

Automotive & Telematics

Analysts predict that by 2018, there will be 30 million connected cars on US roads alone with 100 million worldwide. Our solutions for the automotive and telematics segments provide the means for our service provider customers to deploy innovative applications for their customers in areas such as auto insurance, car rental, car sharing, fleet management and others.

We are patent holders for a number of flexible, powerful and unique solutions for in-vehicle telematics applications. These range from remote vehicle entry/access to systems for data collection of vehicle’s odometer, fuel level and other pertinent diagnostic information. We develop tailored solutions leveraging a feature rich proprietary platform that exceeds automotive environmental requirements; delivering working prototypes, proof of concept and field trial systems in record time and cost smart. Our manufacturing network is also capable, certified and experienced with the global OEM and tier-one automotive supply chain, capable of scaling auto-grade products quickly and cost effectively.

Wellness & Healthcare

Healthcare is changing significantly with wider scale adoption of IoT. For example, the ability to track a patient’s use of medical equipment for compliance to prescription via a connected device can result in tangibly improved patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs.

We are engaged with a number of vendors in the healthcare sector in projects to connect medical and monitoring equipment. The rise in remote patient monitoring opportunities is driving health care device manufacturers to adopt IoT as a means to keep patients and their equipment remotely connected.

Vending & Point-of-Sale

The retail sector is exploding with innovation enabled by IoT technology. We have an extensive track record of innovation in connected point of sales including the area of vending solutions with IoT enabled consumer payment systems where we have shipped systems to customers around the globe.

Along with the payment system, most of our POS solutions have been designed to let the head office manage and monitor inventory, trigger inventory re-order points, track usage and analyze sales figures. Our integrated point of sale vending system allows small and medium size businesses to manage their vending operation seamlessly.

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each customer. For every new project we consider the requirements and apply different technologies to arrive at an optimal combination of hardware technology configuration of middleware the apps to match. For customers requiring a POS with the capability of sending e-receipts via Bluetooth, we will use our BTM series products while for customers needing a payment and inventory tracking solution we will embedded our MBX gateway in the architecture.