Roles & Functions

We partner with you to deliver IoT solutions that add value whatever the role or function your business plays in the value chain

IoT Solutions defined from the perspective of your role and function

System integrators for the auto industry call it a Telematics Control Unit or TCU, most of us in the IoT space call it an automotive platform. And so it goes – depending on your role or function in the value chain, you use different vocabularies, definitions, specialized jargon and so on. If the complexity of a typical IoT solution alone were not challenge enough, the youngness of the industry makes it that much harder for IoT technologists to communicate effectively with traditional players in solution integration value chains for different verticals.

We welcome our differences. Because together we can achieve so much more, so much faster, we have identified just a few roles and functions here to frame the start of a dialog. But worry not if your role is not listed below. These are simply the ones we encounter more frequently and we would love to hear from you.


If you are a developer specialized in vertical solutions for your own business or for industry, let us partner with you to deliver turnkey designs you can integrate directly into your devices and systems never taking your focus away from your area of expertise.

Simply provide us the raw specs defining your requirements or let us propose the IoT device or solution for your product. Our engineering services organization can converge quickly on a solution tailored to your needs, leveraging an array of battle tested hardware platforms and pioneering partnerships with leading technology providers for cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth functionalities.

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Application Designers

Have an idea for the next million-download app? Let us help you include all the IoT functionality you want in it, ensuring it will scale up seamlessly as you grow. We leverage an elastic cloud framework and a middleware platform that enables quick conversion of sensor and other IoT data into user friendly dashboards and other types of content delivery styles for your mobile app.

Learn more about our Fusion Platform and software design services.  See why we are able to integrate the entire data path from the remote IoT devices all the way to your app quickly and reliably.

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System Integrators

If you are a system integrator in the broader IT space, we would love to partner with you to bring the IoT dimension to your customer projects. We develop solutions from a set of hardware, middleware and app platforms created in a flexible architecture from where we can customize low-cost, wireless monitoring and systems control solutions to address existing business needs across a broad range of industries and verticals.

Learn how we can partner with you from concept to outcome reviewing our services pages.

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Service Providers

Whatever services you provide, IoT can likely make them better, improve customer satisfaction and retention and uncover opportunities for new revenue streams. Bring your expertise and let us review ways to enhance your service operation.

Contact us to learn more about application cases in your specific service area . Learn how we can help drive sales in your food & beverage establishment with location based advertising and promotion based on Bluetooth beacon technology. Or how we can deliver mobile apps plus the hardware and middleware infrastructure to enable remote renting and return of assets like bicycles, cars, building and yard tools, and others.

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Enterprise & Channel

Now, more than ever, the Enterprise must leverage technology to transform and disrupt. IoT is the chief enabler of business transformation for the enterprise sector. Whether you are an Enterprise or a member of the Enterprise channel, we can partner to add value to your solution development and execution acceleration processes.

Contact us to find out how we have consulted, proposed and executed IoT solutions for global Enterprises, leaders in their areas in a number of industries. Review with us the unique transformational power of solutions we have provided and how quickly and cost effectively we have converged requirements into globally deployed services.

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