Product Highlights

The EDG Innovation Platform is designed to allow customers to test concepts and ideas at the pace of the internet. The platform’s flexible resources and feature set enable quick prototyping of IoT connected devices which are efficiently managed through Mobilogix’s Fusion Management Service letting customers provision, monitor cellular data usage, manage notifications and remotely maintain software versions. The EDG platform is the starting point of innovation, allowing customers to prove, exercise and refine IoT enabled business ideas and concepts.

The EDG is designed to deliver value together with Mobilogix engineering services where test results and final configuration parameters can serve as the basis for a commercial solution considering all of the customer’s application requirements. Whether leveraging an existing Mobilogix hardware platform or through an accelerated program, the resulting product can vary from a board-level solution to a fully enclosed device.

Key Features

Global cellular coverage3G WCDMA(UMTS)
Position awareGPS/GNSS
Local area wirelessLong Range Bluetooth
Low Energy (BLE)

GPIO2 Inputs, 2 Outputs
Flexible powerBattery support w/ built-in charger
USB/Wall transformer

Technical Specifications

Wireless & Positioning
Celular u-blox nested design
GPS/GNSS u-blox CAM-M8C with
integrated antenna
Bluetooth Bluegiga BLE121LR

GPIOs available via terminal blocks
Switch to GND 2 outputs (e.g. for relays)
Digital inputs 2 for contact closures
Analog inputs 2 for 0-12VDC
Range configurable via
resistor value change
Battery & Main ADC inputs For power monitoring

Power Options USB power
5V via barrel jack
4.2V Lithium battery
Battery operation Jumper select battery
or USB/wall
Onboard battery charger Battery charged on
USB or wall power
Firmware selectable charging 85mA or 500mA

Ports & LEDs
Serial RS-232 expansion port
USB PC-based debugging/configuration
LEDs 2 firmware controlled
1 radio controlled

Processor & Memory
Processor SAM4E Cortex M4, 120 MHz
1MB program, 128kB RAM
Onboard Flash 16MB
Onboard EEPROM 128KB

Fusion Management Platform

Product Data Sheet


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