Modules in the Mobilogix BTM150 product family can be customized to meet specific needs of a wide variety of monitoring and data collection applications.
The Food & Beverage vertical is rapidly transforming, with innovative IoT Apps which not only engage the patron informing about specials and promotions but sync the entire supply chain in real time.
Whether you are a CTO, CIO, in marketing or operations, your ideas are all we need to connect your business to the Internet of Things.
Tracking devices, automotive platforms, short range beacons and more. Let us customize hardware, middleware and application to suit your exact IoT requirements.

MOBILOGIX (MBX) is a global, California-based SaaS  provider and original design manufacturer  (ODM) specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT). Starting from market-tested software and hardware platforms, we deliver best-in-class turnkey solutions including connectivity, cloud and IoT data services quickly and cost effectively. We have a demonstrated track record in  transportation, medical, commercial and industrial sectors. We partner with you to extend your product management  organization, delivering the proofs of concept, products and applications you need while keeping you focused on your core business, whatever it may be.

Products & Hardware Platforms
Products & Hardware Platforms
Mobilogix offers a set of ready-to-deploy edge-side devices for applications in automotive, telemetry, track and tracing and beacons. Let us customize any one or combinations of these cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products into the ideal hardware platform for your IoT project.
Consulting, Development & Manufacturing Services
Consulting, Development & Manufacturing Services
Mobilogix consulting services help distill your business requirements into product, middleware and application specifications. Bring your own specifications for us to design and certify hardware and software – including app and middleware. Let us manufacture your devices with the highest quality processes in the industry. Or any combination of these to suit your needs.

Mobilogix is now a Verizon partner


Mobilogix hardware platforms are at the forefront of innovation, flexibility and reliability. Start with one of our foundation devices for your PoC and quickly and cost effectively move to final product and manufacturing in weeks. Let us set you up with evaluation samples configured and provisioned to connect over the mobile networks (if applicable). Contact us to discuss your project and configure an evaluation kit.



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  • Mobilogix gave our cars a true voice… somewhat startling at first but we are beginning to get used to it.
    Making Technology Great Again!

    Derik Reiser Assistant VP - IT Architecture & Innovation, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
  • Mobilogix was one of our first partners to adopt Blue Gecko SoC solutions for the Bluetooth Smart market. They have the talent and understanding of business and technology to quickly convert ideas into solutions.

    Daniel Cooley VP & GM MCU & Wireless, Silicon Labs
  • We see Mobilogix rising quickly through the ranks of global IoT systems integrators.  They are well established solution providers to a growing number of Fortune 500 global companies and have an impeccable reputation with customers, technology and channel partners.  The Mobilogix operating model of customizing solutions by leveraging a set of solidly constructed wireless hardware and middleware platforms lets them help customers get to market fast, which is a key in the IoT space.

    Joe Cottrell VP and Partner, Harper & Two